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On the road with Hunt + Kelly

On the road with Hunt + Kelly
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Having spent the past 10 months living out of a suitcase, I’ve learned that some clothes work much harder than others.

Blue jeans are a given - between my skinnies and my cut-offs, I wore little else, especially in the USA over the recent northern summer.

And from my mini-collection of travel-friendly tops, there was a clear winner as well: a black Hunt & Kelly Sintiya T-shirt that still looks fresh even after machine washing at least two or three times a week.

To be fair, I only took three T-shirts with me, all black and distinguishable only by their different necklines and sleeves: a boatneck with three-quarter sleeves, a sleeveless crew and the Sintiya V-neck with its extended sleeve that ends at just the right spot for a little upper arm coverage.

Somehow the Sintiya excelled itself in pretty much every situation, from a Friday night sushi date in New York City to a Chicago river cruise and sightseeing in Joshua Tree National Park. Heck, I even wore it on a guided horseback ride at a ranch in Arizona (insert pony and cactus emojis).

The Sintiya is one of those pieces that feels as good as it looks, wherever you are. Which is why I’ll be wearing mine right through the Australian summer too.

Author Alicia Pyke is a journalist who is trying to reconcile her desire to see the world with an instinct to stay at home organising a wardrobe. She is happiest when traveling carry-on only.

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