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The Model and Me: Hunt + Kelly spring-summer 2018

The Model and Me: Hunt + Kelly spring-summer 2018
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The jumpsuit trend is not going away any time soon. It’s a fun and fresh alternative to wearing a dress – for casual or for an occasion.

But what if the struggle is very real and jumpsuits just don’t suit your body shape? What if you could achieve the jumpsuit look without wearing a jumpsuit?

Wonder about that “what if” no more. The jumpsuit trend has spawned a new trend that involves wearing matching tops and bottoms and I’m fully on board.

Think about it? You can get the sizing you need for your top and bottom (for most of us this can be different), you can go to the toilet a whole lot easier AND you can create more outfits by wearing the top or bottoms with different items from your wardrobe.

So, when I spotted this leopard print combination in the Hunt + Kelly spring-summer 2018 collection, I new I’d found my next “not a jumpsuit jumpsuit”.

You know my love of leopard print in any form and this one is a great summer take on this classic print. It’s printed on a gorgeously light rayon chiffon.

I’ve worked a bit of a tuck but this look would work doing a half tuck or no tuck at all. If you can do a little bit of a tuck, it does help to create shape or an illusion of shape around the waist – as a jumpsuit would do.

I’ve gone for a look here that would work for a lunch or evening out. You could definitely add a lightweight blazer to complete this dressed up look.

The catwalk model shows beautifully how the pieces can be worked for casual. That’s the beauty of this pant style. It works well with feels and flats. The cotton plait trim that runs down each side of the pant adds a sporty on-trend element to this style.

I love the shape of the cami and its adjustable straps. I’ve worn it with a strapless bra but has you can see on the model, wearing with a regular black bra will work just as well.

So, tell me, are you on board with this matchy-matchy way to achieve a jumpsuit look?

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